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Anytime Service provides local appliance repairs for homeowners in Clifton NJ

If your home appliance is not working properly and you live in the Cliton NJ area, Anytime Appliance Repair Service can help!

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Anytime Service specializes in accommodating our clientele. Let us know what kind of appliance repair you need for your Clifton, NJ home and we'll take care of you.  Our trucks are in the Clifton area every day.


Annual maintenance of your home appliances can reduce the need for emergency repairs. Schedue a maintenance call for your dryer.

Included in this maintenane services:

Examine dryer vent - remove lint to avoid a fire
Inspect and clean refrigerator condensor coils for better efficiency
Check and adjust belts on washer
Inspect water supply to washer

Contact us for an annual inspection of your Clifton NJ home appliances.

Our trained technicians can repair your Clifton NJ dishwashers, refrigerators/freezers, ranges/stoves/microwaves and cooktops, washers/dryers.

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