Anytime Appiance Repair Service NJ
Free Service Call with Any Repair

When you book an appointment with us, we will send an expert technician to your home. You will always get a complete written estimate that includes all charges required to get your appliance back into tip top shape. Your technician is usually able to provide you with life expectancy, preventative measures, and 
periodic maintenance tips that may help you decide whether or not to proceed with a repair. 


Anytime Appliance Repair Service provides expert appliance repairs in northern New Jersey. ... and receive a $25 coupon 


If our technician completes any repair, your service call is free! 
You only pay for the cost of the repair quoted in your estimate. And, you won't be overcharged! 

Technicians never add diagnosis fees, hourly rates, or travel charges. If you decide not to have your appliance repaired, you pay only our low service call for the trip to your home and the written estimate! Now that's a fair deal!

What you should expect from your technician

  • Need an appliance repair im NJ? Contact Anytime Appliance Repair Service 1.800.828.2555High level of skill, professionalism and courtesy
  • Friendly service
  • Free service call with any repair
  • A complete diagnosis of the problem - FREE with any repair
  • An exact price quote in writing. (guaranteed accurate)
  • Your approval and authorization required prior to repair work

There is no average repair cost as appliances become more sophisticated today. Our technician will determine the exact cost or the repair you require after examining your appliance. At that time, the technician will explain all repairs and the exact cost, and will only begin work upon your approval.

About our Flat Rate repair fees...know in advance, no surprises!

At Anytime Service, our service charge is a flat-rate for a home visit. Our trained technicians will outline the reasons for the needed repairs. You will be quoted a flat, fixed rate, which is in accordance with the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide (MASPG), also referred to as ‘The Blue Book’ in the appliance industry for the required repairs. There are no exceptions and you always know the repair cost in advance.



We strive to offer same day service and
the most competitive prices for appliance repairs in NJ.