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Appliance Brand Ranking in USA: Spotlight on Whirlpool Appliances

Posted by Bonnie Bornstein Fertel on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 @ 05:46 AM

Anytime Service shares some thoughts on how appliances rank in the USA.


How does your appliance rank?

Did you buy the right appliance? How is it holding up?

Here's some information that might be of interest.






Consumers are always soliciting opinions about purchases they are planning. Whether you ask a co-worker, business associate, family member, friend or neighbor, everyone has an opinion on appliances and many other items as well. (Remember, opinions are like belly buttons: everyone has one....)

Speaking of belly buttons, Got lint?...Clean it out, and also in the area of your dryer vent. (Your local appliance repair company can clean out the lint in your dryer duct system. It's a good idea to schedule this service, at least once a year!)

Marcond World Magazine reported, in their March 2013 edition, that The American Customer Service Satisfaction Index (ACSI) ranked appliances based on customer satisfaction in their 2012 edition. It seems that Whirlpool Corporation came in FIRST PLACE for the major appliance industry, and achieved a score of 83 (out of a possible 100). Over the last 17 years, Whirlpoo has either ranked the highest or tied in place since 1996. (Quite impressive!)

Electrolux ranked second, with a score of 82.
General Electric scored 80.
Next in rank tied LG, Samsung, Bosch and some other smaller brands, with a score of 79.
(The report mentioned that in part import fees, which are on the rise, may have been the cause for the lower score.)

So, what is it that consumers look for when purcashing an appliance and how might their choice impact their satisfaction?

Many consumer choices are price-driven. A perceived budget may cause a homeowner or renter to select a product that falls into the price range they care to spend. Unfortunately, many consumers have adopted the toss-it-when-it-breaks attitude. When it comes to appliances, we're not sure we agree. We don't agree with the concept of 'throwing the baby out with the bath water'.

We all work hard for the money we earn, and would like to think that when making a significant purchase it was not only well-reasearched, but that the value of the purchase would be a reward of owning the item for many years to come. (And for what many cost, they should last many years, which is where annual maintenance comes in. Your local appliance repair company should be called to service your appliances and keep them in good running order!) 

"Back in the day"... it wasn't uncommon for the purchase of a washing machine or clothes dryer to be a big deal. It was something one bought with the idea of investing in something that would last a significant time, often decades. 

And still, today, in 2013, it is the hope of many consumers that the same rings true. (Frankly I've purchased 3 pair of washing machines and dryers over the past 40 years. All the same brand, too. And they've lasted a L O N G time.

Of course my theory is that when you buy a pair of machines that work together and one reaches the end of its useful life, sadly, the 'mate' suffers a broken heart and leaves this world, too, and thus we shop for another pair that will be a perfect match!

Let's face it, our home appiances become a part of our family. They're dependable, always there to greet us, and do their job. We can't live without them!

So what is it that we demand from our household appliances? Noise Reduction? Dependability? Appearance? East of operation? Frequency of repair? Price?

We'd love to know your thoughts?
Perhaps you could leave a comment and let us know? Maybe even tell us what brand you prefer?

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