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Anytime Service Shares Advice on Choosing the Right Kitchen Appliance

Posted by Bonnie B LLC on Tue, Sep 03, 2013 @ 05:27 AM

Anytime Appliance repairs kitchen appliances in northern NJ.Renovating your kitchen? 
Replacing a kitchen appliance? 

How do you choose?
Here's some advice...



Renovating a kitchen is costly. Studies show that the cost of kitchen appliances can account for nearly 10% of the total cost of your kitchen today. Considering the technological advanaces that have been made and the amount of time these appliances are used, that's really not bad at all.

But not only is the ease of use, warranty, servicability of an appliance important to most homeowners, of equal importance is often the appearance. How will this appliance look in your new or existing kitchen?

In 2006 white appliances were the "new-new" thing. Today, stainless steel reigns! The beauty and elegance of commercial-looking kitchen appliances makes today's homeowner feel like a kitchen TV show host.

Want a real custom look? Then you'll surely be interested in a refrigerator or dishwasher that can be hidden by a custom cabinet panel. 

What's your dishwasher preference?
Drawers are a big thing now, particularly for empty-nesters that don't fill a dishwasher in a day. Kosher kitchen mavens like this option, too. But there's something special about a dishwasher with 3 racks, one specifically for flatware. Easy to load, easy to bending required to unload your forks, knives and spoons. One most important option is the sound level. The noise, or more to the point, lack-thereof, is a prime consideration. 

Looking for an oven with panache? Today's choices offer under counter, double wall ovens, microwave drawers, convection steam...and the list goes on and on offering different finishes, LED panels, easy-glide racks, halogen lights. These ovens do all but prepare the food and mix the ingredients for you!  Gas? Electric? Dual Fuel? The choices are endless...and confusing to say the least.

4 burner? 5? 6? 8? The sky's the limit here. Want a griddle? A grill? How many BTUs? And, what about a range hood that's properly sized?

Are the controls easily accessible for someone that might need wheelchair access? Or do you have small children and want to keep controls out of easy reach? 

Your refrigerator is most likely one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It runs constantly, keeps foods at just the right temperature and if you dig deeper, it's more about preservation than refrigeration. Ice in the door? Filtered water? Counter depth? Side-by-Side? French Door? Bottom Freezer? Columns? Custom panels? Integrated? Have I sufficiently confused you yet?

FYI: Bottom freezer refrigerators are great for people with bad backs! 
Built in and stainless steel are the refrigerators of choice today!

What size refrigerator do you need?
There is a rule of thumb, if you will, that says you should plan on 12 cubic feet of storage in a fridge for two people and add 2 more cubic feet for every additional member of your household. Of course, if you like to stock up on food, particularly when your favorite choices are on sale, go larger.
Side by side models organize best, but they do have narrow freezers. You need to fit a frozen turkey and pizza, don't you?
Look for roll-outs and baskets to make organization easier.

Want a little luxury? Wine refrigeration, refrigerator and freezer drawers strategically placed and ice makers are a luxury to some, necessity to others.

I could go on and on....but something else to be considered is the ease with which your new appliance can be repaired? Find a trustworthy appliance repair company and consider discussing your choices in advance. You may be glad you did!

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