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How to Maintain Your Refrigerator

Posted by Generose Plummer on Thu, Jul 26, 2012 @ 12:22 PM

Maytag Refrigerator


Your fridge is one of the most useful items in your home.  Keeping your food and drink nice and cold, your hardworking refrigerator is bound to need a few appliance repairs over its lifespan.
By performing a few simple maintenance tasks, you will greatly cut down on potentially high cost refrigerator repairs later on.  Try the steps below to tune up your fridge and consider having all your appliances repaired and services at least once a year:



    1. Keep the area around your refrigerator clutter free – Don’t be tempted to slide things into the space between your fridge and your kitchen cabinets.  This gap is designed to give your fridge’s compressors space to drawn in air from the room.  If you end up having a technician at your home for an oven or dishwasher repair, ask them to check to see if this space if large enough.

    2. Clean your fridge’s grate and coils – Overtime dust will accumulate on the back coils and front grate of your refrigerator.  Repairs are often needed simply because this dirt and dust builds up to such a level that the fridge is no longer able to drawn in enough air.  The appropriate appliance repair might be to just turn off the fridge, move it, and vacuum up all the excess dust before pulling the refrigerator back in.

    3.  Keep your fridge’s freezer area full – Any extra space in the freezer will cause the fridge compressors to have to work extra hard to keep the temperature constant.  You should also be careful about how long you hold open the fridge or freezer door.  The cold air quickly leaks out and the extra energy needed to cool the fridge again will cost you on your next electricity bill! 

Even with excellent care and maintenance, occasional refrigerator repairs may still be needed.  At Anytime Service, our expert technicians can help you extend the life of your appliance and cut down on repair costs.  We cover nearly everything from Maytag repair and Whirlpool repair to fridge and dishwasher repairs.  Contact us today to schedule a maintenance or appliance repair service.



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