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Cold Weather Climates: Why It's Smart to Schedule Appliance Service

Posted by Bonnie B LLC on Sun, Feb 17, 2013 @ 08:18 AM

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It's great to come home to a warm home on a cold winter’s day.  But... on a cold winter's day, coming home only to find that one of your appliances are not working surely won't add pleasure to your day.


Winter weather can be hard on your home and can be especially hard on any of your appliances that might be exposed to extreme weather conditions. Your favorite appliance repair company is your friend at times of need. We thought we'd share some valuable information with you.

It is common for homeowners to move a few appliances to the garage as a way to save space in a smaller home.  If you have your washer and dryer or an extra refrigerator/freeze set up in your garage, it is vital that you prepare them for winter. 

Costly refrigerator repairs or a dryer repair can make the pain of winter even more difficult to bear. 

Here are a few tips to give you a 'leg up' ahead of cold weather.

Be Prepared

    • Contact your local appliance repair company to arrange for service before winter arrives.  Frequent maintenance will keep your appliances in good working condition and will alert you to any potential problems so that you can have them repaired before they fail.   Waiting until the middle of winter to find out that your clothes dryer isn’t working might leave you desparate to find hanging space throughout your laundry area. 

    • Iced beverages can be a summer pleasure, and having an extra garage refrigerator sure makes it convenient. Make sure you winterize your water line by turning off the water to the ice maker if in the garage so the water lines don't freeze and burst. You'll be calling for a repair in spring when that line thaws and leaks.  It's a great idea to have your refrigerator serviced annually, including vacuuming the coils. Before the cold weather sets in is an optimum time.

    • Maintain your dyer vent line. Clogged lines are subject to lint fires. Cold snowy days are the perfect time to catch up on laundry. Those large, thick bath sheets give off alot of lint....the more you use your dryer, the larger the accumulation becomes. Contact your local appliance repair company to have your dryer vent cleaned out each year.

    • Speaking about your dryer vent line...if your vent line is very long and has many bends and turns to it, it may increase drying time, costing you more in energy and causing the act of doing laundry to be a lengthy chore. Consider running your vent in an alternate route. Your appliance repair professional can advise you.

A word of caution about carbon monoxide: When extreme winter weather hits, people become creative in finding convenient or sometimes more economical ways to heat their homes.  If you are having trouble with your furnace, you may be tempted to turn on your stove and open the door to heat your kitchen.  While it might seem like a good idea, you are risking exposing your family to deadly carbon monoxide gas.
    • Have your stove checked out during any other appliance repair and maintenance. Think of cold weather as a baking opportunity.

    • At Anytime Service, we can help you maintain and repair all of your home appliances.  We provide service for most brands, including Maytag, Whirlpool and more...  If you seem to be having any problems with your appliances this winter, give us a call for a same-day or next-day service appointment.

In the long run, and we're not talkjing about your dryer vent now :-), you can extend the life of your home appliances by maintaining them annually. Creating a routine service will not only increase the life of your costly appliances, but avoid unexpected breakdowns that are sure to come at the most inconvenient time.

Live in the northern or north central NJ area? Schedule your appliance repair today!


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