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How to Keep Your Refrigerator Looking and Smelling Good

Posted by Generose Plummer on Wed, Apr 25, 2012 @ 02:40 PM

Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Keeping your refrigerator clean and organized can be quite the task, but it is well worth the effort. Consider these tips to help keep your refrigerator looking and smelling good:


Track Expiration Dates

Expired foods will create odors in your fridge that can last for months. By clearly marking items’ expiration dates, you’ll know when to throw them out. Designate one day a week to check your fridge for expired foods. This is especially important for fruit, vegetables, and dairy, which are notorious for leaving bad smells behind upon spoiling.


No one enjoys a smelly fridge, so keeping this space deodorized is a must. Baking soda is one helpful tool that absorbs odors. Keep an open box in the back of your refrigerator to maintain a fresh smell. Another smell-fighting option to consider is vanilla extract. Soak a cotton pad in the extract and store it in your fridge to keep things smelling fresh.

Store Like Items Together

One of the best ways to keep your refrigerator organized is by storing like items together. Try grouping dairy, like milk and cheese, on a specific shelf. Reserve a space for drinks and an area just for leftovers. Use the humidity-controlled drawers to store your fruits and veggies, and be sure to create a space where only raw meats are kept. Keeping like items together makes it much easier to track everything in your fridge.

Keep Condiments in the Door

Most refrigerators are full of condiments, like ketchup and mustard. These bottles can be bulky, and because they do not go bad quickly, these bottles may be in your refrigerator for extended periods of time. Storing these items in the door frees up essential shelf space that is better utilized for other food items.
Keeping your refrigerator looking and smelling good is only a matter of keeping track of food and getting rid of it before spoiling. However, even the cleanest fridge isn’t helpful when it isn’t working well. Give Anytime Service a call at (800) 828-2555 to learn more about refrigerator repair solutions.  



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