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A garbage disposer is often treated like a mechanized goat—it will eat anything! Unfortunately, a garbage disposer doesn't have the intestinal fortitude of a goat, so it can break.

How Does It Work?

A garbage disposer is a small appliance with a motor that grinds waste from food preparation into liquid for washing down the drain. Impellers attached to the motor turn a flywheel to cut and grind food in the chamber into waste small enough to flush down the drain and into the sewer or septic system.

With minimal maintenance and minor repairs, a garbage disposer can outlive a goat. Simple maintenance includes ensuring that a disposer's enemies – grease, large items, hard items, and fibrous foods, such as celery – be eliminated from its diet.

What Can Go Wrong?

How can you tell when your garbage disposer disagrees with something? The unit will either become clogged or make extraneous noise. What causes these problems? The flywheel may be jammed. Seals can leak. The impeller can become worn. The motor can fail. Fortunately, they all can be repaired with the help of Anytime Service!


What can go wrong?

Not much but if you over load or jam large items in unit you can break the gears that bring the ramming rod down to crash the trash.

 Need to replace your  garbage disposal? We can handle that too!